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Intelligent Object Storage Software

Optimized for mass capacity and data-intensive workloads.

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No More Software License Fees

Licensing often exceeds the acquisition cost of actual storage capacity.

100% Open Source

Community-driven design delivers faster access to innovations while open source code can be tailored to your use case.

Exabyte Scale
Mass Capacity

Get lightning-fast access to data with exabyte-scale software that improves with storage media scalability and efficiency.

High Availability

Optimized for HDD capacity growth, data durability, and recovery.

Reference Architecture
Easily Deployable

Get the tested and supported version of CORTX bundled with our converged infrastructure solution, Lyve™ Rack.

CORTX Community

Revolutionizing Object Storage

Join our community of developers, data scientists, and storage architects.

No More Software License Fees

Licensing often exceeds the acquisition cost of actual storage capacity.

We’re revolutionizing enterprise storage with Lyve Rack, a tightly integrated, converged infrastructure solution that bundles up to 1.7PB with CORTX object storage—giving you the storage capacity you need, without the expensive storage software license fees.

  • Bundles Seagate storage with CORTX 100% open source software, servers, and networking
  • Enterprise-hardened, fully tested, and supported by Seagate
  • Up to 1.7PB of raw capacity in a single converged infrastructure solution

Exabyte Scalability

Hyperscale resilience, availability, and performance.

  • No global locks for scalable performance in consistent object, key value, file and clusters
  • Distributed metadata management: enabling maximum scalability and concurrency
  • Scalable data experience—add structure to unstructured data and enable easy, fast access, search, and analysis
  • Scalable health monitoring tracks performance metrics and identifies bottlenecks

Open at Last

Solve tough data challenges with easy access to object storage.

100% open source reduces vendor lock-in, future-proofing data access and flexibility for your unique and dynamic requirements.

  • Community-built and maintained on GitHub 
  • Cloud interoperability streamlines data movement between clouds and includes S3 compatibility for unstructured data
  • Open architecture allows core functionality to be added modularly, while streamlining code and preventing bloat
  • Vendor-agnostic management interface supports compatibility with SSPL and Redfish/Swordfish

Superior Efficiency & Economics

CORTX unleashes the cost advantage of HDD in mass capacity architecture.

  • Innovation-ready design provides industry-leading cost per petabyte
  • Take advantage of the latest HDD innovations in capacity, performance, density, and resilience, future-proofing your investment
  • Ensure data resiliency for ever-larger data sets by offloading erasure coding to specialized, purpose-built ASIC for multitiered data protection
  • Future-proof scalability and flexible extensions simplify setup, streamline code, and protect against bottlenecks