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Open Source at Seagate

Creating accessible storage solutions together through open source collaboration.

Open Source at Seagate

The amount of data the world is creating is increasing exponentially—the amount of data the world is storing is not. The models and machine learning at the forefront of today’s most important research depend on access to complete data sets. With better, open, and more accessible storage solutions, open-source projects enable the research that’s changing the world.

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Mass Capacity Object Storage, Open at Last

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to storing more data. CORTX™ is 100% open source object storage that enables efficient capture and consolidation of massive, unstructured data sets for the lowest cost per petabyte. Designed, built, and maintained by Seagate and a community of data scientists and enterprise storage experts, CORTX brings exabyte scalability to your private cloud.

100% Open Source

Community-driven design delivers faster access to innovations while open source code can be tailored to your use case.

Exabyte Scale
Mass Capacity

Get lightning-fast access to data with exabyte-scale software that improves with storage media scalability and efficiency.

High Availability

Optimized for HDD capacity growth, data durability, and recovery.

How It Works

CORTX Community is inclusive, accessible, and globally welcoming. If you’re interested in what we’re trying to accomplish, and intrigued by hard challenges, here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Clone, build, and test—put CORTX through its paces
  • Help code
  • Read CORTX documentation to uncover where expectation fails to meet reality
  • Suggest feature improvements
  • Provide input on CORTX community governance and leadership

“We believe that Seagate will lead the CORTX Community to innovate while embracing Intel technologies, like Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory, Intel® QuickAssist Technology and the DAOS file system to address the growing needs for useable and flexible data storage.”

Dorin Vanderjack,
Intel General Manager, US Accounts, Sales and Marketing Group

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