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Self-Healing, High-Density Data Storage

Designed for set-and-forget mass storage management.


A New Category of Intelligent Storage

Exos® CORVAULT™ is a high-performance, self-healing block storage system that delivers multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies for data center and macro edge environments.


Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) minimizes e-waste, downtime, and human intervention by renewing errant drives in-situ.

High Density
Hyperscale Efficiency

Deploy the latest, highest capacity, most efficient hard drives for similar storage economics of cutting-edge cloud services.

Intelligent Architecture

99.999% availability meets fast read/writes, powerful dual controllers, and optimal design for uninterrupted performance.


HDDs come with Seagate Secure™ self-encrypting technology, SFTP support, and optional FIPS 140-3 configuration.

See How It Works

Watch now and discover how CORVAULT helps you harness multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines reliability, hyperscale efficiency, and self-healing technology.

Self-Healing Block Storage

Built with Seagate Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR), CORVAULT renews drives on the fly.

While data creation is growing exponentially, IT teams and budgets are not. That’s why we built CORVAULT. As a set-and-forget solution, you can store mass data with less human intervention. The system heals itself on the fly thanks to Seagate Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR). That means fewer opportunities for human error and more cost savings.

  • Reduces the environmental impact of computer e-waste as ADR drives are renewed instead of discarded.
  • Dramatically reduces manual drive swaps.
  • Returns most drives to dependable service by reconfiguring the drive to bypass errant components.

Optimize Your Data Center

Harness the unique capabilities of Seagate hard drives and controller firmware.

Deliver maximum data density in a smaller footprint with the most advanced drives in the datasphere.

  • 4U rack contains 106 Seagate Exos SAS hard drives for maximum density of up to 2.12 PB (raw).
  • With multiple host support, your data is shareable across multiple networks and applications to eliminate data silos.

Get Quicker Time to Insights

Deliver fast response and low latency to your business with purpose-built architecture.

  • 12Gb/s HD-Mini SAS interface, sequential read/write up to 14GB/s and 12GB/s, and IOPS of up to 17,680.
  • Seagate ADAPT erasure coding utilizes highly efficient declustered parity to span all drives in the pool for less capacity overhead, better performance, and faster rebuilds than RAID.
  • 6th gen VelosCT™ ASIC-based architecture powers fully redundant, hot-swappable, active-active dual controllers for high availability, compatibility, and predictable performance.

Thrive Where Others Can’t

Harness peak drive performance and longevity, even under pressure.

  • Modular chassis protects against vibrational and acoustic interference, excess heat, and external power irregularities.
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies ensure consistent and efficient noise-free power with highly responsive burst capacity.
  • Hot-swappable drives, controllers, and fans enable uninterrupted performance during service.

Deploy Seamlessly

The integrated web-based device and data management console has your back.

  • Powerful onboard management accessible via web GUI or CLI provides one-button configuration for fast and easy deployment.
  • Features remote diagnostics and non-disruptive updates.

Level up Your Security

Bring maximum security to your data without controller-level overhead.

  • All included HDDs come standard with Seagate Secure™ self-encrypting drive (SED) technology and SFTP support for secure file transfers.
  • Optional FIPS 140-3 configuration is available.


Industry recognition for product excellence and innovation

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