Lyve Cloud Object Storage

Ease your storage frustrations with limitless data access, enterprise-grade security, S3-compatibility and predictable pricing.

Multicloud Freedom

Transfer data seamlessly across public and private cloud environments without limitations or extra charges for egress or API calls.

Low and Stable TCO

Lower your cloud storage bill by as much as 70% with industry-leading TCO.

Access Without Delays

Access data anytime without costly delays thanks to best-in-class availability and durability.

S3 Compatible

Get up and running fast with S3-compatible application integration and fully managed migration services.

It’s a cloud, not a cage.

Lyve Cloud object storage is designed to tear down barriers and complement existing cloud environments. With no egress or API fees, you can move your data seamlessly across private, public, and compute clouds—accessing it securely from wherever—whenever.

Predictable Economics
Take your cloud budget further with industry-leading TCO and zero extra fees.
Ransomware Protection
Support your anti-ransomware strategies with a safe and efficient S3 object storage target.
Safeguard your data with object immutability, enterprise-grade identity management support, and data encryption at rest and in flight.

We’re making multicloud easier to manage.

Find out how Lyve Cloud makes it simpler to store, move, and access data at scale.

A Seagate Report

The Multicloud Maturity Report

Powered by data from ESG, find out how to control data costs and scale innovation for business success.

Do more for less.

We’re making multicloud easier to manage. Starting by giving you the features you need, at an industry-leading price.

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Storage Costs

Costs per Terabyte
Costs per Terabyte
Costs per Terabyte $ 7.5
Costs per Terabyte $ $
API Calls
API Calls
API Calls $ 0
API Calls $ $
Egress Fees
Egress Fees
Egress Fees $ 0
Egress Fees $ $
Expedited Data Access
Expedited Data Access
Expedited Data Access $ 0
Expedited Data Access $ $

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