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Creating a Lyve Data Transfer Services Project as a Reseller

Creating or adding a project as Reseller 


If you want to create your first project after completing the account registration click on Go to Projects and follow the steps below.  

To add a new project, click on Go to Projects then click on Add Project button then and follow the steps:



1 – Select Service 


Select Service 

  • Data Transfer Service 


Select Rate Plan 

  • Annual Plan - Commit to an annual subscription and save more on your monthly cost  

    • 12-month Term 

    • Flat per-unit per-month fee with option to renew 

    • Expanded subscription services like power-up or power-down device quantities, software and hardware upgrades 

    • Device reconditioning included  


  • Monthly - No annual commitment. Pay month on month until you need the Storage services 

    • Month-to-month term with a one month minimum 

    • Flat per-unit per-month fee in an evergreen subscription format for flexibility on projects with unpredictable timelines 

    • Basic subscription services like multi-user management and virtual assist are included 


Clique Continue



2 – Select Configuration 


Select the devices and accessories as needed 

Note: You can up to 3 devices through self-service. Although you can contact our Presales team via chat to add additional products to your order. 

Click Continue 



3 – Shipping details 


Fill out your project details  

  • Project name 

  • Project description 

  • Specify Storage 

  • Estimated End Date  

  • Destination Country 


Contact info for Product End-User 

Provide a contact information for the user responsible for product administration. 

Note: If the person is an existing user, you may search the name in our Lyve Hub database 


Contact Information for Sub-User 

Please provide the contact information for the user who will manage this project and be responsible for monitoring usage, billing by project and product user requests. 

Note: If the person is an existent user, you may search the name in our Lyve Hub database 


Shipping Address 

Please provide shipping details by clicking on Add New Address button 

Note: You may search Lyve database to check if a company or user has been previous registered.  

Save address 

Click Continue 



4 – Terms and Conditions 


Read and agree to Terms and Conditions 



5 – Confirm Order 


Please review and submit your order 



Once your order is processed a notification will be sent to the email registered to the account. 

To review the order, please select the project then click on the magnifier icon to view details. 

Note: If an order status is showing as pending you may not be able to review details of your order.