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Lyve Rack

Open Object Storage, Simplified

Store more for less with this tightly integrated solution.

Store more for less with this tightly integrated solution

Democratizing High-Capacity Storage for Data-Intensive Workloads

Cost should not be a barrier to storing more data. Lyve™ Rack is a converged object storage infrastructure solution for modern, leading-edge applications like artificial intelligence and big data—enabling efficient capture and consolidation of massive, unstructured data sets at the industry’s lowest cost per petabyte.

Open Source

Leverage open source contributions for faster access to innovations while your deployment remains fully supported by Seagate.

Lower TCO

A tightly integrated hardware and software bundle that supports data-intensive workloads, with up to 1.5PB of raw capacity.

Easy Deployment

Scalable, versatile, and fully tested architecture simplifies installation, integration, and maintenance, with zero vendor lock-in.

Reliable Design

Self-healing technology eliminates downtime while assuring high availability and integrity of your data.


Revolutionizing Object Storage

100% open source object storage software, optimized for mass capacity and data-intensive workloads.

Store More for Less

Object storage software licensing often exceeds the cost of storage capacity.

We’re revolutionizing enterprise storage with Lyve Rack by lowering the cost of storage software and enabling higher capacity workloads. We integrate CORTX™, our open source, mass capacity object storage (up to 1.5PB of raw storage capacity) with Seagate hardware to let you store more data.

  • Store up to 4x the data for the same budget
  • Community-driven features leverage leading-edge HDD capacity, performance, and efficiency innovations
  • Tightly integrated, converged hardware and software bundle allows you to economically consolidate massive unstructured data sets required for AI, machine learning, and high-performance compute training models

Powered by CORTX Software

CORTX object storage software reduces latency and increases drive utilization.

  • Designed by data scientists and enterprise storage experts, CORTX brings hyperscale capabilities to your data center
  • 100% open source and community-driven design facilitates fast and cost-effective innovation
  • CORTX is enterprise-hardened, fully tested, and supported by Seagate when bundled with Lyve Rack
  • Adaptable, scalable, and versatile architecture lets you build mass capacity storage solutions with zero vendor lock-in

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

Simplify installation, integration, and maintenance of mass capacity object storage.

  • Hardware agnostic—working with virtually any server and networking configuration to provide customers with true design flexibility
  • Includes full stack support from Seagate, enabling lower maintenance cost, ease of installation, and reduced downtime
  • Quickly and easily deploy object storage with CORTX automatic provisioner. No need to run through pages of setup instructions
  • Supports S3 cloud native protocols—simplifying multicloud configurations and storage management

Reliable, Safe, Secure

Self-healing technology assures high availability, repair, and integrity.

  • Lyve Rack incorporates Seagate ASICs, purpose-built as an erasure coding engine for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Seagate ADAPT software dramatically reduces failed storage system rebuild time and improves erasure coding efficiency

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